Welcome to a space where all things health, wellness, artistic creation, travel and salt water all combine and create a little slice of who I am.

My name is Alicia Evans, born and raised here on the South East Coast of Australia. Where the Ocean meets the Mountains and acres of farmland meet the big smoke.
I’m a wife to an amazing husband, mother to a fur child (border collie X kelpie), salt water enthusiast, personal trainer, age group triathlete, long distance runner & passionate people lover.

I enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Sunsets with pink hues, a nicely brewed tea, rain on a tin roof, mud or sand between my toes, sleep ins, sun kissed skin and sharing a meal and stories with friends and family.

I created this blog, now about 3 years ago. Since then, it has changed and taken on many shapes and styles. I’m excited for where the next journey will take me. Life’s too short to be boring and unchanged. My blog and website are forever growing and changing along with me. So join me for the ride!

AE x