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“So Good” Singapore Noodles

Tonight I really felt like pizza. I think I just felt like something tasty, easy and ever so pleasy! Defrosting meat and cutting up tonnes of vegetables was just not on the cards and there was no way I was going to the shops to grab ingrediants for something. I had a think about what was in the pantry and remembered I had some vermicelli rice noodles. So using what we already had in the fridge we ended up with a super quick recipe that took no more than 10minutes from start to finish.

Here’s the quick and easy recipe…

I prepared and cooked the vermicelli noodles as per the packet they came in. I used about 300g. Once they were ready, I drained them then placed them in a large bowl and i sprinkled 1 tspn of curry powder over them and mixed it in well.

Next in my fry pan I lightly fried 3 diced garlic cloves and 1 tspn minced ginger in some oil. (I used olive oil but coconut oil is good too). Ifried these for about 1min.

I then added to the fry pan to be lightly pan fried

– thinly sliced 2 medium carrot

– thinly sliced 2 bunches of bok choy

– handful of snow peas

– 3 spring onions

I pan fried all the above veggies until they were just soft. (Keep some spring onion to the side as a garnish to finish).I then put the noodles into the fry pan. And mixed well. Roughly chopping them as I went along.

Lastly i popped 1/4 cup of soy sauce, 1 tblspn oyster sauce, chilli flakes and 1 tblnspn of bbq sauce in a jar and mixed well before pouring over the noodles in the pan.

Mix well. Garnish with spring onion. Enjoy. This made 4 meals for elias and I. (Keep in mind it could potentially make more as we eat a lot of food lol).

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Power Packed Protein Balls

It’s a cool cloudy afternoon and I feel like getting messy in the kitchen! After surgery results confirmed stage 3 (moderate endometriosis) and chronic inflamation around the same areas. So, I’ve been trying to get organised and trying to make healthier choices and ensure I’ve got my lunches and snacks ready so I don’t fall into the trap of eating highly inflammatory foods and sweets that are easy to get my hands on. At this point, I’ve still been making some not great meal options, but everyday I’m trying to make better choices.

I got creative this afternoon and made these protein bliss balls. They are absolutely PACKED full of nutrition and are a fantastic snack option.

••• RECIPE •••

I soaked 15-20 pitted dates in boiling water for about 20mins. I drained them and then blended up the dates until  they were a smooth mixture in my blender before transferring them into a mixing bowl.

I added about 1/2 cup of lsa, 1/4 cup desicated coconut, 1 serving of chocolate  pea protein powder, 1/4 cup maca powder, 1/4 cup cocao, powder plus 1 tblspn of coconut oil to the dates mixture in the bowl and mixed with a wooden spoon.

I mixed them altogether until the mixture was semi dry and easy to roll into balls.

I then picked my different coatings that I wanted to roll them in. I chose cocao powder, hemp seeds, buckwheat and matcha green tea powder. Usually i just roll them in coconut, but felt like being a little more adventurous, and I must say, It has definitely paid off!

I’ve popped them into the freezer so they stay nice and firm and keeping them in there will ensure they stay fresher for longer!

For more recipe ideas checkout some of my previous blog posts! 

With Love,

AE xx

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Simply-Stuffed Portobello Mushies

Sooooo…your basic cook is back again ! I’ve got a new recipe! This time something savoury. I was needing to cook something up quickly before the man of the house went to play touch football, but I really wasn’t feeling the whole “defrost the meat, cut it up, cook it”…blah blah blah. I kind of felt like something tasty, hot, warming but easy. This is what I came up with….

You’ll need…


Large Portobello Mushrooms (i used 5)

1 tomato diced small

1 half red capsicum diced small

1 large onion diced small

2 tspns garlic crushed

Large handful fresh spinach chopped small

2/3 cup Panko Crumbs

Danish fetta (as much as you like)

Cheddar Cheese (to top mushrooms)

Oil to cook with (i used a garlic infused olive oil as I was cooking on low heat in the pan)


Pop your mushies stem down in your oven on 180° degrees . Leave for 10-15mins. Checking them. You are looking for them to start leaking water. Once they are, remove them and stand on paper towel to drain. Remove the stems gently, youll be keeping these for later.

Roughly dice your capsicum, onion, tomato, spinach aswell as the stems of the mushies. Add oil to pan, add garlic and all the above listed veggies. Once veggies are sautéed and soft, add panko crumbs and season to taste with salt and pepper and any Italian herbs you desire. Turn off pan or take off heat. Lastly add the danish fetta. Mix altogether so fetta is evenly spread through mixture.

Turn mushrooms so the stem side is upright. Spoon mixture into the middle of the mushrooms. The mushrooms should hold the mixture like a cup.

Once mushrooms are stuffed add cheddar cheese to the top and place under a grill. Grill until cheese is brown and melted.

Serve with your favourite side of veggie greens.

These were honestly sooooo easy to make and were absolutely delicious. Even hubby, who isn’t a mushroom fan gave them the thumbs up.

Again, another recipe that’s simple, nutritious and back to basics!

Explore my blog for more recipes and smoothie blends!

Yours in health and wellness,

AE xx



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Why I broke up with my career as a Personal Trainer

Firstly, THANK YOU for taking the time to have a quick read of my latest write up!
This week I wanted to write about WHY I stopped taking on clients and basically “broke up” with my career as a Personal Trainer.

Over the last 10 or so years, the occupation of being a “personal trainer” has grown substantially. Like, ridiculously! I somehow managed to choose to take on the career at the same time that everyone else decided to. #rookieerror.

Personal Training & working with people and helping them in particular, is something I am extremely passionate about. I enjoy teaching people, encouraging people, believing in people & working with people. So why the break up?


I found that I was training my clients, in the time slots I needed to train myself. Clients need to be trained early morning or evening. These are the only times, working around my other employment, that I can personally do my own training Whether that is strength training, running, riding, pilates or stretching. I highly value “my time” and found that I was putting others before myself. This is something most trainers have to do, so next time you see your trainer, thank them!

We all have things go on in our lives which put us behind or make us late to appointments etc. As a personal trainer, you are bound to get those 5am text messages that say” Hey so sorry, won’t be making it today”. Mean while you’re already up, session planned and ready to go. As frustrating as it was, I was well aware that people had things going on in their lives and somethings you just can’t control. However, I love my sleep! So to take my time out, plan and be waiting for someone that doesn’t show up was extremely disheartening.

“I’m just not getting the results”. Those heartbreaking words said by clients. Until, you go over their food diary, sleep patterns, exercise regime and find out that everything you designed, explained and suggested has been completely overlooked and none of it completed or adhered to. I found that there was nothing more frustrating than putting my heart and soul into someone and them not showing the same commitment.

Collaborating with fellow trainers, only to find out that behind your back they were “snaking/stealing/persuading” your very own customers to join their programs instead. Ummmm…MATE! That’s not very Australian. I’m really not into competing for “clients” and don’t believe that people should be “competed for”. People deserve to train with who they work well with. I’ve always said it and still do to this day “Not every trainer is for every person, and not every person is for every trainer”.

The walls in which I’ve worked as a trainer have heard and seen many things. Tears, tantrums, deceit, pain, challenges, stories, lies, truths, passion, wins and losses. I’ve heard indepth truths of peoples lives and never told a soul. I’ve handed tissues to clients along with their dumbbells. As a trainer, you take all of this on. Your clients trust you with their very personal health and medical issues. Even though in your own world, you are dealing with your own happenings and emotions, it is also your job to listen and help others with theirs. You are a PERSONAL TRAINER. It gets very personal.


Stated above, I had a break up with my career as a personal trainer. It’s coming on exactly 1 year since I said “Goodbye”. At the moment, I still have a very special client that I see weekly and absolutely LOVE working with! I’ve  enjoyed the break and ponder daily where I see myself as a personal trainer in the future. I feel like it is definitely something I will continue with, but in a different way and with a different style. Who knows WHEN or HOW that will be. But keep your eyes peeled… never know what’s around the corner!



AE xx