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THE DIAGNOSIS – Endometriosis

•Endometriosis is a condition that affects a woman’s reproductive organs. It occurs when cells similar to those that line the uterus are found in other parts of the body•

12-16 weeks ago I walked out of an ultrasound appt and was told to make a follow up appt with my Doctor. 2 weeks after that I walked out of my Drs surgery having been told I had a tumor on my left ovary.

Yesterday I was wheeled out of hospital diagnosed with the disease Endometriosis. But I already knew I had the disease well before it was diagnosed. 2 years ago I went to the dr with pretty hardcore fatigue. I would always have the feeling of needing a nap. Which, generally most people feel. I was training for long course triathlon at the time so it was passed as general fatigue from endurance training. Over that year and the following year ( 2016-2017), I approached the dr during regular check ups about the fact that my skin was breaking out horrendously. I was told that there was no exact  reason for it to be happening. I had my bloods and hormones etc checked and everything came back normal. I was told it’s just something that happens sometimes and my only real option was strong medicine, but I couldn’t take those If i was wanting to fall pregnant soon. So I just covered up my acne along my jaw line and neck with makeup. This brings me to the next clue. Fertility. Nothing was happening. I was told to wait a bit longer. It had already been over a year of trying. I asked if perhaps my skin and the fertility issue could be linked to endo or pcos.
I was told that my symptoms weren’t really showing the signs of pcos or endo. After persisting, I was granted an ultrasound which if we rewind back takes us to the top of my post. I understand my doctor believing that it wasn’t anything to worry about, afterall, I didn’t really show pain. People suffering the disease endo, tend to show extreme pain, even being hospitalised. I got pain on the first day of my menstrual cycle each month. But that was it. It hurt but not unbearable. Everyone is so different and so are our bodies. That’s the thing about endo. Some people can have mild endo but have severe pain, while others can have severe endo and mild pain. The tumor that showed up on the ultrasounds turned out to be an endo nodule.My dr/surgeon was suprised at how much endo I actually had and she wasn’t expecting to find what she did. I was granted a happy pill (relaxant) before heading into surgery. From there I was wheeled in on my bed, had an oxygen mask placed on my face, had my hand held by a lovely nurse and I went off to sleep. I woke up not long after in recovery. I was given a strong dose of pain killers so felt virtually nothing after surgery. I woke up at 430am this morning feeling like I had been stabbed multiple times in the stomach. I can’t wait to recover and get back to normal life! This sort of thing really makes you appreciate having a strong healthy body that moves with ease. I hope if anything, you get from this, to listen to your body and your gut instincts. If you know somethings wrong or feel something, stick with it and don’t take no for an answer.


Thank you to my amazing husband Elias Evans for always taking care of and supporting me and to all my beautiful friends and family that have been in contact during this journey and making sure I was all good! You guys know who you are! Much love ae x