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Weekend bliss at one of Australias most beautiful beaches!

Sometimes we just need to get outdoors. Personally I work in an office , by the time the weekend comes around I’m usually craving some salty goodness on my skin and some time in the sun with my love. The weather here on the Sunshine Coast is starting to warm up and because we’ve just come out of winter, the water is crystal clear! One of my favourite places is the Noosa National Park. It’s a beautiful walk with an array of different trees, plants and wildlife. The amazing water dances along the cliff edges. Usually you can sight dolphins, turtles and at the right time of year whales. The footpath leads to beautiful little coves and tiny beaches.

Grab yourself a chai and get your adventure spirits on! Oh and keep an eye out for koalas in the tree tops!!

If you’re intending to do the hikes at the National Park or hit the beach for a few hours be sure to pack a few things

– water

– snacks

– sunscreen

– swimwear

– towel

– walking shoes

– sunglasses

Happy Adventures ♡

AE x

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