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We are a growing community of women inspired, motivated, empowered and driven to living active healthy lifestyles. We live each day staying mindful of those around us as well as ourselves. Healthy, Active, Mindful Living is at our core. We love moving outdoors in our Group Fitness Classes, completing one on one Personal Training Sessions and simply being Active in the amazing area we live in. From bush walks, to coastal runs, climbing mountains and swimming in the fresh salty sea. We eat to nourish our bodies and move because we LOVE our bodies.  

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 Кэтрин де Мяу

“I want to move my body everyday. I want to feed my body the right foods everyday. I want to be mindful of self and others everyday. I want to live a healthy and active life full of balance. I want to make the absolute most of my time while I am here. There is a whole world to explore, people to meet, places to discover, foods to try and I want to be doing all of that with a healthy, strong, able body”virtruletka18.ru