To live a life so ridiculously fulfilling I can’t help but feel like I’m a giant snow globe about to explode sending sparkling glitter left, right and centre.

Life’s about balance! It’s about making those amazing , memorable moments that replay in your mind and bring a giant smile to your face. It’s about facing fears, conquering those things that once held you back and it’s about inspiring yourself! You don’t need to find inspiration in others lives, you’ve got everything you need inside you, right now! For me, I want to live a life of purpose! I live each day to love unconditionally, laugh loudly, smile until my cheeks hurt, swim in the salty sea, feel the suns warmth on my skin and feel utterly blessed while watching vibrant sunsets. Choosing to fuel my body with wholesome, nutrient rich foods is an important part of being able to live my best life! I can’t climb mountains and watch beautiful sunsets if i have no energy! I can’t run if my body is not fuelled correctly! Keeping a healthy mental state also depends on the nutrients I consume, and I want to wake up each day happy, alert, awake and ready to go!

Join me! Let’s put some vitality back into our lives!!! Let’s have some energy! Let’s sleep well and wake up ready to go! Let’s feed our bodies the best foods and nutrients we can! Let’s not merely survive, let’s THRIVE!!! Let’s live purpose driven lives! Let’s explore, travel, swim in the ocean, watch sunsets and laugh daily!

Feel free to roam our pages and squiz our blog. We hope our words inspire you to live your healthiest, happiest & most balanced life yet.

Visit Often Beautiful,
Alicia Evans xx



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